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LED Screen for digital menu board

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For some time now, the option of a menu that does not require physical existence has become popular, and LED Screen technology has become one of its most reliable and effective supports in this regard. These technologies have changed the way we order and pay for food in restaurants and bars: information can now be ordered and updated instantly, without sacrificing design or uniqueness.

What is a digital menu board with an LED panel?


Simply put, digital menu boards are signs that list the dishes and/or drinks available for purchase in a bar or restaurant, their prices, promotions or limited combos, the order number, and so on.

Displaying offers on high-resolution screens is an efficient and creative option, but it is important to consider what type of Leed screen is convenient, its characteristics, and the opportunities it provides based on its usefulness:

  • The Menu board Stand Alone variant explains a meal, for example, individually, to display a specific product or promotion, integrated with institutional or brand information, such as a welcome sign.
  • The Standard System is the classic “counter listing” of fast food restaurants, with screens sectioned by type of offer, normally oriented horizontally, with information that is routinely updated.

Although this unique mode of operation is widely recognized, certain establishments or consumers may still prefer the traditional leaflet menu. In these circumstances, it is critical to recall that one of COVID 19’s global preventative measures was that food and beverage outlets provide a digital menu in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Led Panel for Stand Alone Menu Board

This type of digital menu not only uses the technological advantages of LED panels to display products, but it also serves as a presentation to a new  consumer. It is a unique way to combine advertising with decoration. It evokes friendliness and care, which is why it is great for smaller intimate locations focused on providing an experience and paying attention to the small touches that make a difference.


In these cases, the screen might be separated and strategically placed in key regions to broadcast videos or animations that enhance the brand image.

LED display menu with standard system

The goal of the LED Display Menus will be to detail and name all of the products available in the business. As a result, the screens – at least three and no more than six – will be set horizontally, side by side, in a single location – often above the checkout line.LED-display-menu-with-standard-system

They may display multimedia, animated, high-definition content, but their primary role will be as a menu, a list for ordering, payment, and food withdrawal. Its practical and pragmatic nature makes it an excellent choice for chain stores or high-traffic areas, such as shopping mall eateries or fast food restaurants.

Benefits of having LED panels in a restaurant

The digital menu board enables the integration of elements from multiple interior LED screens, each with its own unique set of characteristics, ranging in size from 19″ to 65″, adjustable to the space and combinable with the distinctive aesthetics of your store.

There are several variants, each having a promotional role, such as the Stretched and the Mirror, which offer a list of products and their pricing

And then there’s the Video Wall, which is far more sophisticated and eye-catching but, because of its size, is more suited to become a decorative or experimental feature.

Some of its advantages include:


  • Product and service marketing, as well as brand advertising, trajectory, promotions, offers, and so on.
  • It is environmentally friendly because it does not require actual paper support and its updating is immediate, eliminating the need for reprints.
  • The image quality and aesthetic possibilities it provides pique the interest of a target audience. While waiting to be served, for example, customers can be entertained by the videos or messages that are presented.
  • Adaptable to the brand’s aesthetics, but also useful for store décor.


The digital menus company for you

We are LED Nation, an LED design company dedicated to developing new and strategic advertising solutions that enhance your commercial outcomes.

Our proposal is built on respecting our clients’ visions, striving for the broadest possible reach, and capitalizing on the opportunities provided by emerging technologies.

We have a highly qualified staff that assures the finest outcomes in your project by utilizing the most advanced visual definition techniques and being entirely dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

Ideas to make the most of LED panels in your restaurant

  • Considerations for your restaurant, restaurant, or bar’s menu board:
  • The food images must be enticing.
  • Your information must be up to date, and we only offer what we have.
  • You can reinforce components of your brand identity while “engaging” with creativity by naming your combos or promotions.
  • Utilize the unique possibilities provided by LED Panels, such as realistic colors, legible typography, clarity, and information arrangement.
  • Adapting to this new mode is an issue of health because traditional, printed letters pose a risk of disease transmission.


Would you like to keep reading? We welcome you to discover more about how to use LED screens in virtual productions.

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