LED screens for high impact in conventions, exhibitions and congresses

LED screens for high impact in conventions, exhibitions and congresses


The technical possibilities of the panels make the images, information and videos generate immersive experiences.

This happens because the brightness of the screens, exterior or interior, means that what is projected does not go unnoticed; likewise, the volume capacity of the modulars allows the sound to arrive adequately in any installation.

In a business presentation, they will ensure that the content displayed reaches viewers as planned.

How LED video walls can boost your business at an event?

The visual impact is undeniable, therefore, the only thing left is to make good decisions about what will be transmitted, taking advantage of the advantages that these teams provide us.


In this article we will provide some tips to improve the presentation at commercial events, using the technology that this electrical device has:


  1. Memory help: Key information can be marked on the screens to make the exposure smooth.
  2. outdoor presentations: Simulating the classic drive-in theater, the visual experience will be of higher quality. In addition, it will turn out to be cheaper and will be able to reach different places according to the location of the Led wall.

In particular, the outdoor modules have a technology that allows you to see what is displayed on days with a lot of sunlight or in the dark.

  1. Simulate theatrical scenery: the panels can be used as a resource to generate scenes, which can be changed according to what is required without wasting time and money.
  2. advertising screens: Placed in key places, they will attract the attention of those attending the event.
  3. Encourage public participation: in events with an audience, generally when the screens are placed at the back of the stage, it facilitates the reading of the lyrics of the songs or instructions for participatory proposals, in this way, they can follow and interpret what is happening on stage.

10 tricks to make the most of your led video wall


To get the most out of the LED equipment, below, we will describe some tips that can be used at the time of a commercial event:


  1. In an exhibition, the screen can be used using slides that contain: graphics, charts and useful data that help complement the advertisement so that it reaches the public effectively. In addition, these data will serve as visual support for the public in relation to what is being communicated. At this point it is important that the technician, who works with the design of the information, knows the objectives of the campaign that will be announced at the meeting.
  2. Take advantage of the possibility of showing dynamic images that will impact viewers, surpassing fixed and immobile posters.
  3. The message presented should be short and clear, with clear and easy to read letters.
  4. Videos with a lot of brightness and color can be displayed on the led walls. Although you always have to take care that the brightness does not cause problems in the sharpness of the image, especially on sunny days. Thus, it is necessary to let the person who will be in charge of acquiring the LED on this subject know in order to choose the appropriate equipment.
  5. The use of creative and detailed backgrounds will reduce the budget for the presentation. In this case, it is necessary to know the technical capabilities, and how what is shown on the LED screen will look like, because it will not be the same as what is seen on a laptop as it is on a LED device, with the characteristics that the modular ones contain.
  6. Before acquiring the walls, it is essential to analyze the space and the place where they will be located, considering the pixels and the volume capacity that will be required in both closed and open spaces.
  7. If a live speech is given with the image of the presenter on the LED wall, the audience will be more attentive. In this case, care must be taken that the image is seen in a single frame; that is, that it is not divided. For example, that the parts of the body or landscape shown are complete; since seeing the boxes that divide the screens distracts the eye.
  8. Allowing the public to feel questioned, offering the possibility of reading or singing some songs, this will generate greater empathy. This resource is often seen at interactive events.
  9. Leverage the interactive potential of teams, either through the use of touch, applications or interactive links that will be shared with the attendees.
  10. It is important to work with people who know the technology of this equipment, who have experience in installation, handling and practical knowledge in projections and designs. In addition, with them you will get more tips to work with your LED according to the particularities of each event.

What you should know about LED technology?


It is necessary to know about the benefits and also disadvantages, in the latter case, it would be if all the possibilities of buying or renting an LED in a commercial presentation or advertising campaign are not exploited.

LED lights are currently used for their efficiency, duration and versatility in various areas. Although few know exactly what this light-emitting diode is all about. Unlike incandescent lights, which cast light on any side, LEDs do so in a directional and specific manner, which produces good quality lighting.

For this reason, LEDs are used in various ways, such as lighting in different institutions, in advertising panels, as decoration in stores and even in traffic signaling.

In the case of the modules or walls, these are made up of a variety of LEDs, this characteristic gives the possibility that the equipment be used both in massive outdoor events and in a room behind closed doors. Consequently, it is important to choose the right equipment to achieve the objectives of the commercial campaign.

Having the appropriate technical assistance for these devices

LED Nation has provided technical assistance for many years throughout the country. In the first consultation you will know the professional and human quality of its workers, who will advise you on the equipment that suits you for each case.

This company has experts in installations and service in general. Whether you are going to rent or buy, you will have a pleasant and stimulating experience when purchasing LED screens.

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