Led screens for ceremonies in churches and Houses of worship

Led screens for ceremonies in churches and Houses of worship

Led screens for ceremonies in churches and cults are used as an interactive support between the attendants to the celebration and the priest or officiant of the foundation or church.

Religious institutions seek to offer their faithful the possibility to concour to a dynamic and participative ceremony. The module screens collaborate with this because they give creative solutions in unexpected contexts and the content reinforces the celebration and gives a major impact to the attendants.

How do LED screens operate in churches? As you consider necessary to cautívate your religious congregation. The screen secures quality, sharpness, colours and luminosity in the images and content to communicate.


What are screen walls and why are they on the rise?

Screen walls are on the rise because they are the most innovative communication proposal of the market. This integrates quality images, visual impact, an exclusive proposal, low costs, real time and remote content control, low maintenance and more durability, just to name a few characteristics.

It is composed by various screens that form the surface of the wall, which allows to design shape and size.The content that can be shared integrates multiple languages, with multi pixel fonts that can, simultaneously, aument the content.

The stage, the location, the content and the destination public are elements to consider when you choose your wall. There are outdoor and indoor walls that adapt to support high temperatures. Impacting your audience is possible with LED screens walls.

What advantages do led screens have over other video players


The advantages LED screens have over other traditional video players like projectors are the follow:

  • More impact: If what you look for is to call for the attention of your attendant public, LED screens are the best response. It’s the communicational proposal that most impact generates and better adapts.This is due to the brightness and luminosity of the screen plus the big dimensions that a wall can have.
  • Opportunity for a unique way of content: an exclusive way to communicate is through devices that can manage multiple languages. Achieving to communicate a successful content is possible with LED screens because it responds in real time by using a system which programs the content.Offering an innovative proposal that communicates and dazes is a great advantage.
  • Remote content control: operate in a remote way, with the simplicity of a good connectivity, is another benefit. Contents can be programmed in real time with only a click. Also contemplating the possibility of using a software to expand the geographic distances.Low maintenance and high durability:Traditional devices are designed with vinilos, easily damageable and with luminary accessories more sensitive, which equals ongoing maintenance. The screen modules are designed to have more resistance and low maintenance, giving more durability time
  • Major investment return: LED screens integrate a digital display that allows creation, within the PC, to be uploaded instantly to a software. With traditional devices,  investment is constant because it requires production content plus transporting costs and content actualization.

Already decided to buy or rent a led screen? Good ideas to get the most out of them

If you already choose to invest in a LED screen module, know the benefits and possibilities:

  •  Portable design: Design and look flexibilities allows it to adaptate to any ambient or setting, incorporating the chance to move from one space to the other. The mobile aspect of the content secures diversity and masivity in the target audience, so renting gives adaptation and still allows to capture people’s attention because of the portability.

  • Rapid configuration: Lots of people rent visualization screens already packed and configured. Investment is less and is more rapid, usually used for advertisements and momentany information. This gives easy control to manage and adapt to the context at low prices.

  • Ongoing service: Finally, the possibility to rent gives the chance of a dynamic and prolonged service. As time passes, content can be renewed and no quality is losed. Actualized content can be relocated to new and convenient locations.

Where to find LED technology, what is the online shopping experience like

There are online stores like LED NATION that guarantee a professional service to guide through your whole experience. Their last generation equipment, adaptable to interior and exterior, design the wall that your content needs.

 To receive personalized attention and advice, enter their website where you will get your questions answered and you will be able to acord a budget to adapt to your communicational needs. All of this from the commodity of your house or workplace.

Have no doubts, deep into this innóvate proposal: shipping, installment, follow up and technical service. Safe experience buying a led screen. It’s up to you to try this eco friendly last generation technology

Turnkey packages to start your new project today

 Key Packages at hand so you can start your new Project today

Acquiring a LED screen TurnKey (for either outdoor or indoor) involves the acquisition of not only panels, but also the solution to the processes of:

  • Installment (which is personalize)
  • Remote configuration
  • Technical support at hand
  • Immediate shipping
  • Systems with the best quality (NovaStar processors)
  • Spare parts and replacement parts

Every client is helped from step one by LED NATION comercial professionals to select the best screen for you.

By buying Key Solution it also acquired a post sale service that includes corrective and preventive maintenance of the panels. Also being available the option to buy or rent accessories to these technological devices, having a 24 month warranty.

Some models of Led Walls available:

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