LED Video Wall For Auditoriums

Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of all auditorium types while remaining cost-effective and cutting-edge. Boost audience engagement with effective communication and discover a unique way to present your events and conferences. 

If you need a custom solution for your auditorium, our planning team is here to help. We can assist you with the installation of permanent led video walls or renting temporary panels for presentations. Our versatility in creation allows us to develop personalized screens that adapt to the needs of each client. Share your vision and we will make it a reality for you

Different LED Display Walls for Your Type of AuditoriumWhen it comes to captivating your audience in auditoriums, there’s no better option than stunning LED display walls. 

These versatile solutions are designed to bring your space to life and provide a visual experience that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Find out how to choose the best equipment for your auditorium and make every event unforgettable!

LED Screen Walls for Outdoor Theatres

In open air theatres, selecting the appropriate Outdoor LED screen is crucial for an exceptional viewing experience. These are designed to withstand weather conditions and provide brilliant performance in bright sunlight or night time environments.

This adaptable technology can be used for various purposes, delivering high-quality images that stand out even in the brightest of days for outdoor performances.

We can take as an example a P3.91 mm screen, for an average distance of 8 feet, in an auditorium of 500 or more people. Some of its key features are its IP65 classification, essential for equipment for external use, turnkey solution, easy installation and 24-month warranty on all parts.

This package includes 84 panels, NovaStar video processor, shipping card, rig hang bars, cables, power lock, and spares.

Colleges and universities play a crucial role in facilitating learning and communication. The LED screen walls installed in these spaces serve as an ideal platform for academic presentations, keynote addresses, and cultural events.

These screens have the capability to display crisp, detailed content, thereby enhancing the overall experience and engaging both students and faculty alike.

They are a worthwhile investment that enhances campus life in all aspects, from the transmission of knowledge to creative event presentations. 


Here we recommend a P5 mm indoor screen, considering a capacity of 150 to 350 people, at a distance of 16 feet. Some key points to consider are its NovaStar system, complete front service with magnetic modules, and floor-to-wall support. This package includes 24 panels, processor, shipping card, hang bars, cables, cable locks, and spares.


County, state, and national level events require impressive visual solutions. The use of LED screens in these auditoriums provide an exceptional projection platform for government speeches, renowned concerts and cultural events.

These displays offer an effective means of reaching large audiences and creating unforgettable experiences at high-profile events with their cutting-edge resolution.

A P2.97 mm unit, with an average distance of 6 feet, in an auditorium of between 150 and 300 people, has full front-end service, magnetic modules, turn-key solution, available technical support, and 24-month warranty.

Package includes 18 panels, 1 video processor, NovaStar sending card, rigging hang bars, cables, 1 power lock, and spares.

LED Screen Walls for Private Auditoriums

In private spaces, whether corporate or private residences, high-quality, customizable screens are ideal for executive presentations, business conferences, and private movie screenings.

LED backdrops for private auditoriums can be customized to meet specific needs, creating an exclusive and sophisticated environment for social and entertainment events.

An indoor P1.99mm package consisting of 24 panels, 1 processor, NovaStar shipping card, hanging bars, cables, power lock, and spare parts, which are easy to install, 24-month warranty, available technical service, and turnkey solution in hand, it is highly recommended for an auditorium with a capacity of 150 to 300 people, at a distance of 5 feet.

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