LED video wall for broadcast and TV studios

LED video wall for broadcast and TV studios

People are using streaming platforms more and more because they have access to a wide range of content, some of which is only available on those platforms. This is because technology is growing and more and more people around the world are using the Internet.

  • Streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc. seek to attract new users by generating content in the form of series or movies with a more demanding level of production to offer a sensation of realism and fantasy that leaves the viewer more than satisfied with their experience. To achieve this, in recent times, these production companies have turned to the new technology of the LED video wall, replacing the classic green screens, which allows them to obtain a filming environment in real-time and in symbiosis with the actors at the time of production. filming.
  • Local and international news channels are also making the leap to this technology, changing their green screens and monitors in their studios for LED screens.
  • Entertainment shows follow a similar path to the ones that came before them. They update their content and change it to fit the new technology, which gives them more movement and visual impact.
  • Lastly, there are independent producers like IGN or Youtubers who have their own streaming channels on sites like YouTube, Twitch, etc. and make their own content. This can be anything from different kinds of information to broadcasts of events like E-sports, which are changing how video game competitions are made.

Revolutionize television production with virtual sets and LED walls.

With the development of LED screen and thanks to their modular configuration, they can be mounted on screens of different sizes as needed—wider or taller or vice versa. For this reason, film and television sets take advantage of this quality, together with the 4K image quality they offer, to update their content and give the viewer a better experience.

Important production companies use this technology to replace the previous one because, in addition to its image and sharpness, it offers the possibility of reproducing the visual content at the time of filming, allowing the scene to be developed in real time together with the actors. This gives it a huge amount of freedom, not only for the actors, who don’t have to imagine the environment in their minds like green screens do, but also for directors, who can get different angles on shots and the ability to change the environment when needed without having to move the entire set or simply make some necessary touch-ups. This technology is becoming more popular for making TV shows and movies because LED panels use less energy and there is no longer a need to move production to different locations, which is expensive.

News channels take advantage of this technology to occupy large portions of the studio and thus offer viewers better content when they project live mobile phones, interesting stories, or various information, all without having to look at other monitors to see where they are pointing or what they are doing. The same development is seen in entertainment programs that take advantage of video walls to offer more dynamic games in their programs. Finally, we have independent productions that develop content and events as if they were large television studios, broadcasting live and interacting with the LED screens to show their audience everything that is happening.

Learn about the power of the Unreal Engine in conjunction with LED screens.

Now, we will not be able to get the full potential of an LED display unless we use video software, and if what we want is to get the full potential of these screens, the unreal engine for virtual production with LED screens is the ideal software for it. Film productions and series developers such as streaming platforms use this software to offer such a realistic environment that the viewer feels transported to that world in each scene. Thanks to the versatility of the software, worlds that are as fantastic as they are unique can be created, as can even locations that production companies normally do not have access to, such as government, religious facilities, LED screen for shoppings, etc. As we have been saying, the freedom that this type of technology offers directors and producers is enormous and only limited by their imagination. But the Unreal Engine isn’t just used to make movies. It’s also used to make ads, which means it can be used to make vivid, sharp, and moving scenes that show off the products being advertised. The videogame industry produces the most content, creating cinematics and events for their games that capture and captivate the players, providing them with a unique sensation.

Meet the Experts in Television Virtual Set Production with Video Walls

One of the companies that we find in this area and that has the most experience in the development of LED wall for virtual productions, offering products of the highest quality and personalized services that make the customer experience unparalleled, is LED Nation, a company that is specialized in the category and that has been offering for a few years now:

  • personal care to answer all of your questions and help you find the right product for the growth of your production.
  • Financing plans are comparable to any budget, so you get what you need.
  • Permanent stock and immediate delivery service, no matter where you are, with a satellite tracking system and turn-key solution to make sure your product arrives in the best condition.
  • Installation service and advice in the development of your audiovisual content
  • maintenance service, repair, and replacement if necessary.
  • All of our products come with a three-year warranty.

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