LED Video Walls For Shopping Malls

When it comes to LED screens, shoppings considerably increases the creative options in which technology can be applied.

The LED video walls allow various methods of use that help improve your commercial store.

Enhance your Mall Branding with LED panels

There are many advantages of using splicing screens inside a shopping center. Here we will mention the main ones so that you can make the most of your indoor LED screen.

  • Gives more information to the public in less time to those who decide to enter your store since the modular LED video wall panels can share messages using texts, graphics, sounds and even animations.
  • Transmit content on LED panels for mall branding that are able to be full of information from live data, custom graphics, audiovisual productions and any kind of web content, always in an attractive and appropriate way.
  • It is adaptable to any kind of content that you want to customize on the LED screens according to the different types of audience that visit your store, managing to communicate different messages to the variety of visitors.
  • They attract the eye of anyone who walks through your store since their dynamic content and lights manage to capture attention in a matter of seconds regardless of what is transmitted.

Digital LED billboard & outdoor Advertising

Just as we said the advantages of LED displays for indoor use, the benefits of digital LED billboards when installing them outside businesses are undeniable.

    • The impact is guaranteed. The innovation, brightness and luminosity that they produce thanks to moving images manage to make a big difference in relation to static messages.
  • They consume 80% less electricity than traditional bulbs while producing the same amount of light. They also have a longer amount of shelf life.
  • Upgrade the company in front of consumers in the midst of a context of increasing environmental noise
  • The modular LED walls for virtual production provides versatility to advertise according to the client’s personal demand when designing potential sizes and content for their splicing screen.
  • The light effects are adjustable according to the required light, color and distribution.
  • The high image quality allows the customer to enjoy the LED Display advertising information
  • Instant content management in real time.

LED display company specialized in shopping center branding

At LED Nation we believe in working together with the client and that is why you will participate in the entire process and can count on our permanent assistance. We have professionals who will take the time to explain step by step everything you need when choosing your LED screen.

  • We will ask you about your goals and purposes when buying an LED screen
  • The content you want to show your customers, the size and shape you envision will be part of the initial conversation with you to ensure the best experience.
  • The size of the stage where you want to place the splicing screen will be key to knowing what type of LED screen you need.
  • The staff understands the technical characteristics of our products and is able to install and configure your modular LED video wall panel.
  • All our products are backed by an important guarantee
  •  We invite you to know our different proposals. Do not hesitate to evacuate any doubt that may arise. We are by and for you.

LED screens you can choose


Malls with amazing LED screens in Miami, Fl

Miami is world renowned for being the city with the best shops.There you will find abundant LED panels in their facilities.

Here are the gratest shoppings with LED panels:

  • Dolphin Mall
  • Bayside Marketplace
  • Brickell City Center
  • Shops at Midtown Miami
  • The Falls Shopping Center
  • Upper Buena Vista
  • Cocowalk
  • Mall of the Americas