LED city, the New York fever for video walls

LED city, the New York fever for video walls


We all know that New York is one of the most modern and commercially and culturally active cities in the US and in the world. Going through its numerous avenues we will be able to know the latest technology in advertisements. Without a doubt, all companies want to have a presence on the streets of New York. For that reason, LED signs abound in them.

On Fith Avenue, more specifically, between 34th and 59th streets, is one of the most exclusive shopping areas in the world. The presence of LED signage in this area is a privilege for many companies.

Why is The City using so many Big LED Screens?

LED screens are emblematic in cosmopolitan cities like New York, for example. You know why?

The acronym LED stands for “light emitting diode”. When current flows through the diode, it emits light with a wavelength that depends on the semiconductor material. The diodes, in turn, can be monochrome or RGB type (red, green, blue).

Some of its biggest advantages are:

  • Reliable and recognized technology.
  • Transmit high-quality images.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • You can increase your range.
  • More ecological.
  • Long useful life.
  • Programmable led screens.
  • Improves the image of companies.

How to buy a Big LED Screen

At LED Nation we offer LED Screen solutions in a very simple way. Do you want to know how to acquire your product?

You just have to follow the steps below:

  • Consultation: once you contact us, we will ask you some first questions, such as, What is your main objective when purchasing an LED video wall? What content do you want to display? What size and shape of video screen do you need? Where will the video screen be located? How big is your stage?
  • Recommendation and quote: our team will gather as much information as possible and advise you on the best LED solution for your needs and objectives.
  • Technical discussion: we will talk about the future aspects of the installation, answering all your doubts and questions.
  • Installation:our technical body of engineers will take care of the installation and with the appropriate structure for your LED screen. We take care of everything from hardware to software. We are ready to install and configure your screen.

Technical support: we offer a full guarantee on our products and services with a support team and permanent technical assistance.


Find a Video wall Company in New York

LED Nation, is a company based in the United States that brings together professional experts on the subject. So it is the most recommended.

Our main mission is to provide our customers with a high quality product, as well as full support and excellence in our service. Our main goal is to offer elegant and unique LED screen designs. As well as solutions for your company in order to improve market opportunities.

We believe in your vision, it is unique and our team of experts will help you manifest it through elegant design. Our designers will work for you and create a custom video wall that will meet your needs and allow you to reach a larger audience. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to finding the best solutions. We are dedicated to making your ideas come true.


Order your LED Screen from anywhere in The City or near

Another advantage of choosing LED Nation is that it brings LED screens to all the districts of New York. You can purchase our services places such as:

  • Staten Island
  • queens
  • Manhattan
  • brooklyn
  • The Bronx

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