Where to buy Videowalls in Miami FL

Where to buy Videowalls in Miami FL


Miami is one of the main commercial nodes in the area, thousands of people walk its beaches and squares. This business activity means that on avenues, such as Ocean Drive, LED screens abound in all kinds of stores

  • advertisements
  • commercial signage
  • interactive indoor LED screens
  • there are small and giant
  • they are easy to install and configure
  • are weather resistant
  • They are friendly to the environment and consume little electricity.
  • its quality is, without a doubt, the best on the market

Find the best LED Screen technology in Florida

In Miami we can see that Video Wall abound. In advertisements, businesses and even in art, like when the Pérez Art Museum Miami presented the amazing artwork Marco Brambilla’s Heaven’s Gate, a totem of Light Emitting Diode displays that shows the world in a unique way.

Florida is also using these technology to enhance its appearance, decorating its store fronts with bright displays, filling shopping streets with colorful high-definition images. And they are not the only ones who use Video Walls

At LED NATION we have extensive experience in Video Walls. On our website you can see photos and specifications of the product you want to buy, do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

Good communication is one of our goals. We will seek to accompany you throughout the process

Main Features of Big Led Screens

In addition to their size, LED video walls have other important characteristics

  1. It allows for higher quality and superior output because individual pixels work together and direct light to specific locations.
  2. They are extremely easy to use. The product adapts to the needs of the client.
  3. They are eco- friendly: better energy consumption.
  4. Due to panel configuration images are clear and sharp .
  5. Allows the “absolute black” (equal better contrast). 

Uses of LED Panels

The uses of this product have multiplied and we can find them in all kinds of fields, making a technological contribution to work activities, being the center of attention on a stage, announcing advertisements on the street, etc.

  • LED Video walls in corporate environments: to present slideshows in gerential meetings, decorate the environment, to create a relaxing space with calm music, to communicate ideas and values common to the organization, to develop loyalty within the employees or to grab the attention of those who visit the office.
  • In arts: as a medium to expand multimedia in visual arts, to represent a text in a new format, to better communicate an idea using interactive panels to that end or to present ideas with the quality they deserve. It is ideal to use LED screens for virtual productions and artistic productions.
  • In massive events: to direct people’s attention to a conferencist in a presentation, to show details that will be unnoticed another way, to better coordinate our content and the way of displaying it.
  • Musical and live shows: to be more immersed in the music experience, to highlight the aesthetics of a band’s lyrics or the band itself. Also as a plus to the sounds, being able to play with light, contrast and brightness at specific moments of the concert. In news and other media: to present the statistical information in a concrete, comfortable and sharp way. This information includes graphics, videos, images, extracts from interviews, and resumed key themes of the news as a whole.
  • As an option in publicity: It allows a high rotation of messages, preserving the visual quality, at an acceptable price and with a good arrival at the target. Advertising texts abound through LED Screens in Miami

It’s also a way of reducing polluting gasses and to replace more traditional methods that generate ozone footprint. All this in a quality and low price form.
Last, it allows the combination with electronic production tools to change in real time light, definition, saturation and contrast settings.


Where in Florida you can find High Quality LED screens

LED NATION is a high range operation company. Thanks to being a big and specialized industry, they can reach lots of geographical areas. 

Miami is a global city and an international leader in business, finances, entertainment, media and international commerce. It’s often mentioned in popular culture because it is very related to arts in general. People from everywhere see it as a place of fun, relaxation and opportunity.

These NovaStar P5 panels provide the optimal combination of brightness, fine pixel size, color uniformity, and reliability, making them ideal for churches. They are versatile, allowing them to be used both indoors and outdoors. Find us all over the west coast

  1.  Florida Panhandle
    • Emerald Coast
    • Forgotten Coast
    • North Florida
    • Pensacola metropolitan area
    • Tallahassee metropolitan area
  2. North Central Florida
    • Big Bend
    • Nature Coast
    • North Florida
    • Gainesville metropolitan area
  3. Northeast Florida
    • First Coast
    • Jacksonville metropolitan area
    • North Florida
  4. Central West Florida
    • Nature Coast
    • Tampa Bay Area
    • Florida Suncoast
  5.  Central Florida
    • Greater Orlando

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