Outdoor cinema with Big LED screens

Outdoor cinema with Big LED screens

Why have outdoor LED screen theaters become more common? Because after the pandemic, recreational activities in open spaces became the option most chosen by families.

A safe and healthy proposal that far exceeds its attendance compared to traditional cinemas. Its success is explained by the reception of the public that enjoys a unique experience with projections of the highest quality, in addition to taking care of and respecting distance.

Today the cycles of outdoor cinemas are possible thanks to the infrastructure of these equipments, they can be easily dismantled and moved from one place to another without any problem. All you need is a screen, a powerful sound system and the desire to enjoy with friends or family. Below we tell you all the possibilities of this technology.

What to keep in mind when setting up a stage with LED screens outside

LED Video Walls are amazing not only for setting up an outdoor cinema but for any outdoor show. The main reasons are its quick, cheap and easy installation. For outdoor panels it is not necessary to have a high budget or specific or advanced technical knowledge. Its infrastructure is designed to be completely dismantled overnight by anyone.

Their advanced technology far exceeds the classic projectors, they are comfortable because they are portable, they can be moved without any inconvenience. With a portable computer and a sound system based on high-power speakers or amplifiers, you will be able to capture the viewer’s attention in just minutes.

Now, what do you need to set up an outdoor cinema or a stage with video walls outside? The first thing to consider is the space available and the distance between the audience and the stage where the panels would be mounted. For the viewer to have a 360 view, it is necessary to think about the location strategically.

The LED Screen Wall must be suitable for exteriors since they are going to be outdoors, so they must have anti-vandalism protection and be resistant to atmospheric agents such as prolonged exposure to sunlight or rain, sudden changes in temperature, especially currently that there is a great thermal oscillation during the same day. We do not have to forget about electricity, that is why it is important to have generators or a safe outlet nearby. Although they will also be a good choice for indoor LED screen.

As a last recommendation to set up an open-air cinema, it is essential to think about the comfort of the spectators, that is why offering blankets, rugs, camping or wooden chairs is an excellent idea for the public to enjoy a complete projection and open sky.


What advantages does LED technology offer compared to traditional projectors?

  1. Brightness: if we have to compare a led screen with a traditional projector in terms of image quality and specifically brightness, we can say that the former has outstanding lighting, no matter how bright the space is. A projector needs darkness to display the image correctly.
  2. Installation: we already mentioned it but we remember it, installing the equipment is simple, it only takes a few minutes to start enjoying your favorite projection. However, projectors take more time since they must be hung in a fixed place and height and in turn need a portable device to transmit the image as a complement.
  3. Sound: in terms of sound quality, we can say that there are projectors that are not adapted to reproduce sound, they only work to project an image. However, our products incorporate a high-quality playback system without the need to adapt any external device.

On the other hand, unlike the projector that needs darkness, the screen does not need dark environments, nor does it need to have space between the device and the lens to avoid shadows. Image quality is sharp in broad daylight thanks to its focus-free imaging. It also generates little heat so it does not heat up, ensuring its durability.

LED technology for outdoor theaters or shows is the ideal alternative for massive gatherings, it is impossible for an attendee to lose visibility at any time of the day. Finally, they collaborate with the environment because they are ecological and consume less and less energy.

What other uses can be given to big LED screens abroad

If what you are looking for is to impact the public, a big Led screen is the right option. Multiple uses can be made of them due to their versatility and portability that adapts to all types of space. They can be used for:

  • Advertisements on public roads.
  • LED Wall for virtual production
  • Like a billboard in a shopping mall.
  • In stadiums and sporting events.
  • In massive recitals or musical events.
  • As reinforcement for citizen information points.
  • As information panels inside and outside the airport.
  • To visually enrich a scenery.
  • To set up an interactive game room.

Where to find the best prices on LED screens

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