P1.99 indoor, a great big LED screen for virtual productions

P1.99 indoor, a great big LED screen for virtual productions

P1.99 indoor, a great big LED screen for virtual productions

LED technology is gaining more and more ground in film productions, both in television and cinema and even in streaming service platforms. The different advantages it presents over technologies and processes that have been used in the medium are notorious for producers and directors, at levels of obtaining better results and benefits in real time and lowering production costs when orchestrating the entire film set, television studios, or streaming. Unlike large green screens, where the visual content is added in post-production after filming, LED screens allow the actors to interact with the background of the scene, allowing a more realistic and non-simulated performance. The ideal panels for this type of virtual production are the P1.99mm (led panels with a distribution of 1.99mm pixels per inch). These reach their full potential at 5 feet away from the camera or viewer, and among their configurations, we can find the following screen sizes.

  • 10.5′ x 6.3′ with a 20-panel layout in 5×4
  • 12.6′ x 6.3′ with a 24-panel layout in 6×4
  • 14.7′ x 7.9′ with a 35-panel layout in 7×5
  • 16.8′ x 9.4′ with a 48-panel layout in 8×6
  • 18.9′ x 9.4′ with a 54 panel layout in 9×6
  • 21′ x 11′ with a 70 panel layout in 10×7
  • 25.2′ x 11′ with a 12×7 distribution of 84 panels

Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Video Wall for Your Digital studio

Depending on the size of the studio or filming space in which the virtual productions will take place, you can choose any of the screen sizes described above. All offer an image quality of up to 4K resolution with a refresh rate of 3840hz, and a brightness of up to 800nits, which together at the time of recording offer a sharp image that is so real that it will seem that it is really in the geographical location that is being projected, even if it is a science fiction or fantasy landscape. We can make the leap to this technology with the benefits it brings thanks to powerful graphics software such as the Unreal Engine with LED screens for virtual production, which allows us to generate landscapes and scene backgrounds. One of the reasons virtual productions are turning to this technology is that, even when running seven days a week, its low power consumption makes it ideal for long filming processes. 

Unleash Your Imagination and Bring Your Virtual Set to Life with LED Screens


Film productions use big LED Walls to obtain more realistic results when filming. Their low cost allows them to create different scenarios to be used in the shooting without having to move from one place to another, without having to worry about weather conditions when filming, and without having to stop filming because the sun is hidden and daylight is lost, and they can even generate environments that are usually either private or government-controlled. On the other hand, the interaction that is achieved between the actors and the video walls allows directors and producers to manage the shooting more efficiently, being able to change the camera angles, obtain better shots, and even seeing at the moment if it is necessary to change or make some arrangements to the generated environment. Film and series productions are not the only productions using this technology:

  • Television and streaming programs take advantage of these screens for live events or to enrich their audiovisual content, journalistic notes, weather developments, statistics, or general information notes.
  • E-sports productions and the development of video games are growing exponentially, as is the production of this type of event, which allows live broadcasting to watch the development of the confrontations of teams or players.
  • In the same way, large video game companies use this technology in sets with actors to generate more elaborate, fantastic, and realistic cinematics in their best-selling games.
  • Music video productions and music videos in the music industry also use LED technology to generate different scenarios or audiovisual productions that are mixed with the music of the artists.
  • Advertisements use LED screens to show pictures and colors that make the products they are selling look better. 

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To get the best result and a unique experience, you have to make sure you get the best led panel to avoid loss of quality or any other inconvenience when working, and in Led Nation we only work with the highest quality products. We have experience in the market, and we offer the best service for our customers:

  • Products manufactured by Mirackle are the best LED panels on the market.
  • A personalized customer service that will answer all of your questions and help you find the product you’re looking for.
  • There are different types of financing to ensure that you can get your product at the best price in the market.
  • Permanent inventory and shipping service to anywhere in the world, with satellite tracking so you can track it until it arrives at your door.
  • Installation service and advice to help you with the audiovisual content you develop
  • after-sales service for maintenance, repair, and even replacement in case it cannot be repaired.

All our products come with a 24-month warranty.

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