Rental of led screens for weddings, why is it a trend?

Rental of led screens for weddings, why is it a trend?

Our wedding is one of the most important days of our lives. LED Walls contribute to this by:

  • Giving you the best and biggest looks of all those beautiful images and videos you want to show and remember
  • Allowing you the best music quality, accompanied by the most beautiful visual complements a the reception
  • Helps a lot to organize all the things you wanna show in an easy and low cost way.

New marriages, new technologies: the use of LED video walls in events and celebrations

As time changes, new technologies are used. Video walls used in different events allow for a number of options:

  • Setting the mood for the occasion. This is our day and we have a personal form of displaying what we feel and the way we feel it. Our ideas can come true in the most endless creative output thanks to the facility to set and use the LED screens.
  •  Every celebration has some music. And maybe some DJ. This screens are here to compliment those outputs. The video walls do not replace other things, they enhance them. The way to do this is by showing spontaneous, astonishing and gorgeous vivid colors and flashy images on a screen to sume to the music and make the experience one to remember.
  • High Quality: Every time we attend a celebration we want to hang out and have a good time. But good times are almost always quality times. Often a beautiful experience is ruined by some unpleasant thing. With a video wall you will not have these problems. Sharpness, vivid color and no quality loss by changing sizes are the rule. The image that you will see is so clear. A new way to celebrate is here thanks to new technologies.

What kind of LED screens can i rent near me?

  • Basic Model
    Standard LED Screen Display 11.5′ x 6.6′ P3.91mm:
    Wider surface than previous models, highly visual impact maximice. Easy to install, by yourself or with professional technical assistance. Setting up complements available. 100,000 hours of operating life.
  • Indoor and outdoor
    Impacting landscape format with perfect brightness and fine pixel size. Good for medium size spaces/ places with low ceilings.  The competitive price and low consumption that it has is a perfect mix with the practicality that it allows. As with all of the products, 24 month warranty, free shipping and technical service available.
  • LED Video Wall 12.6′ x 6.3′ P5mm Indoor for Church and House of Worship
  • pixel pitch of 5mm which allows for optimal viewing at 16 feet
  • refresh rate of 3840Hz;
  • average energy consumption of 240W per panel;
  • lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Brightness: 3500 NITS
  •  LED Video Wall Screen 19.7′ x 9.8′ P3.91mm Double Indoor Turn-key – Optimal mix of brightness, fine pixel pitch, color uniformity and reliability. With full front service/ Magnetic Modules, turn key solution. Compatible with ground support
  • Brightness: 1500 NITS
  • Pixel Pitch: 3.91mm
  • Distance: 8ft.
  • Operating Life: 100,000 Hours

Support systems

In addition to the screen, it will be important to define what type of support you will use, depending on where you are going to put the screen and how you want it to look

  • Ground Support for 26.2′ x 9.8′ LED Video Wall Screen Includes: Bases, stair trusses, clamps and pipes. 24 month warranty with free shipping and turn key system. Also in other sizes like for example  9.8´ x  5´.

Also you have: Silver truss beams, silver truss corners, silver truss box pillar and Crack Stands. All of them in different sizes and fusionable to help set in your  screen.


Where to find specialized technicians in Video walls

LED NATION is the place to find specialized people in video walls for rent. They know how to use what they know to help you, in a simple and communicative way, to get to understand the technical aspects. From the first contact they will ask you what’s your goal, the kind of content you wanna show and some size matters. Using this information, they will give a comprehensive answer according to your needs. Then they install the product, while answering all of your questions in the process. And don’t worry, they have a warranty just in case something needs to be taken care off.
To make things even easier, they have a very well crafted webpage. There, you can see the products with specifications and clear images to picture in your mind all those details so vital to you. If you check their other social media, you will get lots of feedback not only from their media, but with the other client interaction. They take care of resolving the questions that appear and you can benefit from that.


What benefits do LED panels offer for your wedding, compared to traditional projectors and screens?

  • Projectors losses against this technology because panels offer the benefits of quality brightness independently from light conditions of the place, easy installation and better pixelation.
  • In publicity, LED panels can be active day or night, while projectors succumb to daylight. Ambiental conditions limit the seconds to a great degree.
  • Brightness technology update is a formal step up compared to traditional projectors and screens, counteracting ambiental impediments. Light sensors can automatically adjust light. Dynamism is why new screens are ruling.

Also, LEDs are always improving. Maintenance has decreasing costs because more flexible interactions with the screens are being constructed. The walls are not one immovable unit, they are several parts together that are easy to individually change for whatever reason is necessary.

Benefits from the new screens occur because they are not static, they are always finding new ways to become more efficient, productive and accessible.

What other uses can be given to LED screens

Others uses to these screens include:

  •          Showing breaking news in big avenues
  •          Helping set up an artistic Project
  •          Having different colours and settings with only one buy.
  •          As props in a film set
  •          Publicity
  •          Business  values communication
  •          Organizative meetings (display of graphics and so on)
  •          In your house, as decoration
  •          In pubs to involve the attendants into the local aesthetics

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