Unreal engine for virtual production with LED screens

Unreal engine for virtual production with LED screens

These days, there are numerous methods for creating real-time content. Unreal Engine filmmaking technology, for example, and LED screens complement each other well. This technology, also known as UE, is a high-quality data 3D graphics engine. It’s a piece of software that allows developers to create almost anything they want, including simulations, video editing, and animation rendering. Some of its features include:

  • Huge and detailed worlds
  • Dynamic global illumination and reflections
  • Temporary superresolution
  • Open world experience
  • Animation and contexts
  • Modeling
  • LED Wall for Virtual Production 
  • Sound design

UE makes it possible to use virtual reality not just for making video games, but also for designing digital architecture, making movies, and sending live video through this products. Unreal Engine has motion graphics services, inserts, virtual sets, and much more that you can use for your live broadcasts or movies. Some of the most important tasks are:

  • Integration combining formats, protocols, hardware, and software
  • Real-time composition
  • Synchronization of digital elements and tools

The revolution of the virtual set with big LED walls


These are big panels on the walls and ceiling that use Unreal Engine to show photorealistic images and videos. Pixels in this new interaction technology are only 2.84 mm apart, which is close enough for the UE to reproduce a virtual 3D set as a background. Since the same scene can be shown on more than one screen at the same time, this technology show the scenery made by the graphics engine in real time. This is a big advantage because they are all on the same set and can change the resources of the screens at the same time. This is different from using chroma or green screen, which wastes a lot of time in post-production when adding all the CGI elements and backgrounds. At the same time, the lights coming through the screens light up the real scenery and characters. This makes it easier to create scenes with changing light and shadows, and it’s also easier to match the lighting between the two. Unreal Engine is used for a variety of LED Screen virtual productions, including:

  • advertising
  • film
  • video clips
  • news
  • photographic productions
  • video games
  • events and recitals
  • public street signs
  • simulation games

Virtual production has changed the way videos are made. Now, teams can work together from different places and get information from real-time computer graphics. They are no longer limited by schedules or the way things are in the real world. When you shoot at a single location, you only need to change the floor and any props that are close to the characters. This made it possible to shoot in an average of two different places in a single day. 

Differences between green screen and video wall virtual studio

The “green screen” or “chroma key” is an audiovisual technique in which a green screen is put in the background of a shot and digital effects are added afterward. Unlike an LED wall for virtual productions, which uses panels on the walls and ceiling to create a realistic and immersive experience. Here are some of the more specific ways that production is different:

LED Screen Virtual Studio vs Green Screen

  • Better illumination
  • Realistic reflections and ambient light with realistic environments
  • Immersive environment for actors and previsualization
  • Saving valuable time and money in post-production
  • Allows recording without moving location
  • indoor LED screen
  • Use of visual effects and real-time parameter adjustment

Why do green screens lose to the virtual studio?

    • Replacing one image with another in post editing
    • Time and money spent on post-production and filming
    • Aligned cameras
    • The actors are with only a green screen with no image.
    • Can complicate lighting with green overexposure
    • Production and actors must travel to change location

Advantages of filmmaking with Unreal Engine or Unity and LED screens

Virtual sets could make a big difference in the way movies are made. Post-production is probably the most important difference between shooting on a green screen and shooting on an Video Wall. Previewing, capturing motion, and compositing and integrating in real time are all important production techniques for making digital content. Using Unreal Engine, the created landscape can be changed in real time. Designers using the chroma key method in post-production do not have to remove the green from the reflections and put an artificial one on top. Usually, a compositor would have to do this frame by frame, but when you film in a virtual production studio with LED panels, you can control the lighting, weather, and placement of objects, and you can also shoot multiple scenes in a short amount of time.

  • Significantly reduces production costs and post-production time.
  • Accelerates the filming process
  • On-set preview and rendering
  • Real-time composition
  • Motion capture
  • Improved visibility
  • Breaks with time and regional restrictions
  • Flexibility and fidelity of the creative process
  • Incorporates new multi-user and remote workflows, enabling real-time collaboration between different team members regardless of physical distance
  • It allows for a more dynamic, non-linear and collaborative process.
  • Real-time decision making by creators
  • Enables much earlier iterations in the production scheme
  • Generates higher quality images
  • Produces interchangeable elements in real time
  • Optimizes multi-user and remote workflows for collaboration between different team members

The Mandalorian, The Batman (2022), The eye: Calanthek, and Dark Nebula are some of the most innovative movies made with Unreal Engine and a video wall. The world of Virtual Production has changed a lot. Thanks to new technologies, it’s now possible to make new systems that help make scenarios that look so real that it’s hard to believe they aren’t real.


Big LED Wall company for virtual studio development

If you want to create amazing scenes to go along with your live broadcasts, event productions, or movie productions, you can do so with Video Walls. This will give your audience a unique and real sensory experience. Investing in technology can be your next big step toward success, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting reliable, high-quality products, like the ones Led Nation offers, with unique designs and personalized service that pays close attention to support and maintenance. You can reach more people with this technology, so don’t be afraid to dream big.

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