What kind of LED Screen could be buyed for a store or a shopping?

What kind of LED Screen could be buyed for a store or a shopping?


It could be buyed when it compliments the objectives that are trying to be achieved. For example, big screens will show images at different distances; instead, if they are located near the roof, a sense of expansion will be implied. So, according to where the LED is placed, different special effects will naturally generate.

There are different types to choose, whenever it’s outdoor or indoor or to be mobile. In either case, they always give the places a vanguardist look.

Video Wall as an option to make shoppings look modern and to promote the business

Digital publicity is the most consumed in the last couple of years. This modality gives the advantage of visualizing the products in distinct devices. Also, depending on how the images show and their size, it will be achievable to capture the attention of the walkers or people inside the malls. By the way, making the establishments look more modern.

If we ask ourselves, What kind of plus this will bring to the business? We finde advantages and upgrades can´t we count, because they’re so many.

Here are some advices to improve your store´s image: 

  • If engaying colours are used, there is no way the publicity will pass unnoticed.
  • The different angles, helped by simulating big open spaces, could give the sensation of reality,
  • Showing the logo and the elements that represent the business as a whole will allow the public to easily identify the company.
  • This device allows to show altogether images, texts and videos; also being able to put the description of the products offered.
  • By having at sight the effect of the things displayed in the potential audience, one can know the good and the bad of the concepts being displayed.
  • The technology contain in this equipements gives the possibility to change/ actualize in real time the information presented
  • By knowing the impact of the message we can improve it to better reach the audience.

These resources are important when analyzing the the possibilities of renting or buying a led screen for a commerce. But the options and combinations are endlessly creative.

Why do people choose to buy in places that have screens?


The moving and impactful images, with big sizes, interesting choice of colours and tonalities and locations of display well chosen, attracts people to choose the products offered. These strategies convey the observer to stop and pay attention, because they relate to what is being shown through the screens.

What is a LED screen and which is convenient to buy?

LEDs are diodes that all together conduct light and enable to magnify in HD, data, video, images and information in general. These screens can be outdoor, indoor or be placed on the floor. They come in different styles: flexible, curved, fixed and transportable.

Outstanding outdoor uses for the screens include the ones utilize as shop window or showcase. In this case, the first impression it’s important and has to be well thought. Lately, outdoor advertising walls are being used to great effect.

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Making an active and attractive business by using LED screens

Often images grab our attention. We see certain details when we watch TV, certains things dive us in and we can not stop watching. The movement, the colours, the lights and the sound works as an incentive to avoid our reality for a moment.

Everyday of the week people walk the streets to go to buy something, to go to work, to pick up the boys from school and other normal daily life activities. So, a lot of people go to malls and so on to rest from daily life, to find a moment of solitude or to share with friends and family . Other ways to rest within the week itself is to check our cell phones, pass the time on our personal computer or tablet. All of these places have a high ratio of high quality changing images and videos. It’s certainly attractive to see, and often when we see one, we wanna see more. It’s a kind of hypnosis.

This predisposition, typical of our oculocentrical culture, presents itself as a way to forget our own Self and our human corporality to be totally captivated by this electronic LED-dream.

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